Hey this is me, Lea.
I'm a photographer based on the beautiful South Coast of NSW where I have grown up exploring nature and adventuring in the outdoors. I'm always looking for an excuse to get away, explore and see new places. On a road trip i'll be pulling over to get a snap of something that has caught my eye in the distance or telling my husband, 'its just a short walk' so that he will hike with me to places that take your breath away.
I am a lover of snowboarding and all things mountain. I was lucky enough to call the Snowy Mountains home for a number of years. 
I have a deaf cattle dog named Annie. My husband and I made up our own sign language when we were training her as a puppy. 
Recently I became a mum to a beautiful little girl. What an experience it is becoming a mum and how lucky i consider myself. I am constantly taking photos of the small everyday moments with her, these are the most precious.
You will also see that i really enjoy wearing hats.
Choosing the right photographer is important as you are going to be hanging out with that person. If you think i might be that person you want to hang out with message me and let me know what it is I can photograph for you.