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The Beautiful Nuptials of Ali and Sarah - Mr and Mrs Fazli

Ali and Sarah - A love story through the ages. Ali invited Sarah to his 18th birthday party all those years ago. Their eyes locked and the rest is history. They as a couple wanted a fun, lively celebration with lots of dancing, and the beautiful Bendooley Estate fit their bill perfectly.  

The day started early for Ali and his family with dancing and drinks at 9am. And it only got better from there.  

This couple was truly magical to shoot, I will let their images do the talking for their love story, amazing friends and family and their perfect wedding day.  


“Lea, Thank you so much for everything! The photos look amazing. You were so awesome on the day and made it so special. We are so happy you were there! Everyone can’t stop talking about you!"

-Ali Fazli.

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