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The wedding of the Hook-Porra's in Gozo, Malta.

The love story of Charlie and Dan is a tale of cross-continental romance that began in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. Their journey towards marriage is a testament to love transcending borders and spanning the test of time. Charlie, hailing from the United Kingdom, found herself in the bustling metropolis of Sydney, where her life took an unexpected turn. It was amidst the picturesque beaches, iconic landmarks, and the diverse cultural tapestry of Sydney that Charlie and Dan, a true-blue Australian, fell in love. Over the course of 12 years, Charlie and Dan's love story blossomed. I first met Charlie & Dan and their two gorgeous girls in a family photoshoot. They jokingly said they wished it was me coming to Malta to capture their wedding... so we made it happen! Gozo is a charming and picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea, making it the ideal wedding destination for Charlie & Dan. Located just a short ferry ride away from the main island of Malta, Gozo boasts rugged coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and lush countryside, providing a backdrop that's serene and romantic. The Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa provided a venue that was exclusive, unique, sophisticated and distinctive. The union of Charlie & Dan was a truly international affair, with an impressive gathering of family and friends who journeyed from both Australia and Britain to join in the celebration of their wedding on the captivating island of Malta. It was nothing short of a perfect wedding for Charlie & Dan. In true Mediterranean fashion, the weather on their wedding day was incredibly hot, but it didn’t stop Charlie being the most gorgeous bride, and Dan being a handsome groom. Having to wait three years for their special day after countless lockdowns all over the world, it truly was worth it. As they exchanged vows on their wedding day, it was a culmination of 12 years of shared laughter, tears, adventures, and a love that knows no boundaries. Charlie and Dan's love story is a testament to the power of love to overcome distance, time, and a global pandemic, proving that when two hearts are meant to be together, nothing can stand in their way. “We feel so so lucky to have had you there! I never doubted for a second that the photos would be anything but perfect. Thank you so much Lea ❤️❤️ So special We got to meet your family too. The stars aligned” - Charlie Hook.

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