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The Engagement of Amelia & Jake at Fisherman's Beach

Amelia & Jake January 2023

Capturing Jake and Amelia's engagement photoshoot at Fisherman’s Beach in Port Kembla, New South Wales was a delightful experience as a photographer. The couple's decision to choose a location close to their hearts, where they often spend time together with their beloved dog Stash, added a personal and meaningful touch to the session. Including Stash in the engagement shoot was especially significant since he wouldn't be present at their upcoming wedding.  The sunrise setting provided a breath-taking backdrop, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Jake and Amelia's vibrant personalities made the shoot enjoyable, as they exuded genuine happiness and love for each other. Their ease and comfort in front of the camera allowed for the capture of authentic moments, showcasing the deep connection between the couple.   The engagement session, held in January, acted as a precursor to their February wedding at Bawley Estate. The anticipation of the upcoming wedding added an extra layer of excitement to the photos, making it a memorable and meaningful experience for both the couple and for me as their photographer! Stay tuned as their wedding photographs will be in an upcoming blog!

An engagement shoot is the perfect prelude to your wedding, offering numerous benefits that contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable photography experience on the big day! It was an excellent opportunity for Amelia and Jade to build a comfortable rapport with me. We spoke about their upcoming wedding, I heard all about their engagement and got to know them a little more before their big day. This leads to more genuine and authentic moments during their wedding ceremony as I become familiar with your personalities, preferences, and natural expressions. This pre-wedding session allows you to communicate your vision, share ideas and gain insights into my photography style - fostering a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere. By adding an engagement photoshoot session to your wedding photography package, couples not only create beautiful images to commemorate their journey to marriage, but also ensure they are well-prepared and at ease when the spotlight shines on them during the wedding festivities.

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