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The Wedding of Claudia & Tyler at Lake Crackenback

The Speirs - 13th October 2023

Destined to be together, Claudia and Tyler's parents' enduring friendship meant from the early years of their lives, they naturally gravitated towards one another. Growing up as friends, they spent countless hours hanging out, creating a bond that was grounded in the shared experiences of youth. 

A notable moment in Tyler's vows underscored the significance of their journey together. "We grew up together, let's grow old together." This sentiment truly summarised their incredible relationship, and Claudia and Tyler were both overcome with emotion. Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa, set in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, was a captivating wedding venue even on a day with wild weather. All week, the weather report was saying 100% chance of rain and snow, and for once, the weather report was correct. With sideways wind and rain, and temperatures dropping so low that the surrounding peaks were glistening with snow.  

Even while the rain was pouring, it didn’t dampen these two lover’s day as they danced in the rain, and soaked up each love-filled moment with each other. Nothing could take the smiles off the newlyweds, and we got a tiny break in the rain to sneak away for some gorgeous portraits set against the moody background of the Snowy Mountains. 

It was an absolute honour to capture this love story that’s been a long time in the making.  

This day was proof that no matter the weather, you can still have beautiful images if you trust your photographer!

Wedding Caterer: Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa 

Bridal Dress: Made with Love Bridal  Claudia's Feedback "I am absolutely insanely obsessed with these photos. I can't pick a favourite. I can't even find 10 favourites. I love them all. We are so happy with them and we had so much fun going through them all. I genuinely have no words. We look like celebrities I'm obsessed! Thank you thank you thank you xxxx"

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